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This week in the vegetable garden

Tasks: Planting beets, carrots and Swiss chard in the Family of Four Garden. Fixing a leak in the irrigation line. Pulling/digging out new raspberry shoots that have popped up around the currants and gooseberries and in the middle of the strawberry patch.

Observations: The currants and gooseberries have gone from just beginning to bud out at the beginning of last week to being in full bloom this week. It looks like the red currants in particular will have a good crop. The only real question is whether the birds get the ripe fruit first! The apple trees are budded, and the grapes are beginning to show swelling leaf buds.

Challenges: It's easy to see that keeping the raspberries under control is going to be an increasingly big problem this year and following years. Fluctuating temperatures can be tough on plants, and there isn't much we can do about it.

Anticipated next week: Thinning seedlings, weeding and general maintenance.