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This week in the vegetable garden: week two

Tasks: Pruning apple trees (columnar types growing in pots) and grapevines. Pruning grapevines can be scary, because you prune off about 90 percent of last year's growth. Also hooking up and testing the irrigation system. (Important to do this before you really need it!)

Observations: Currants, gooseberries and raspberries are all beginning to leaf out. Radish seedlings are popping up. (They are always the first!) One patch of daffodils is in full bloom.

Challenges: One drip line needs to be patched and a hose end replaced. With the warm weather and high winds, keeping the top inch of the soil moist so the seeds can germinate is a challenge. They are getting a light spray of water once a day or so to keep the top layer of the soil somewhat moist.

Anticipated next week: Planting more seeds, especially carrots, beets, Swiss chard and more Asian greens. Fixing irrigation lines and hose.