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In bloom at Botanica: Brazilian nightshade

Botanical name: Solanum seaforthianum

Location: Greenhouse

Description: This is a showy, slender-stemmed vine that is grown as an annual or houseplant. It bears large, nodding clusters of star-shaped purple flowers with yellow stamens. Emerald green pinnate leaves are a great contrast to the stunning flowers and the small, scarlet berries that follow the blooms. Reaches a mature height of 5 feet with a 3 foot spread.

Growing tips: Grows best in rich, well-drained soil in partial to full sun.

History: Grown at Botanica since 2008.

Uses: Great specimen for a container. Can be used as a sprawling bedding plant in a mixed border or as an annual vine to cover arbors, trellises, etc. It can also be an attractive houseplant if given the proper conditions.

Also of interest: Pansies, hollies, junipers, pines, other tropical plants.