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Magazine: 'Prices are right' in Historic Midtown

The housing market may be in a funk, but Historic Midtown has gotten a vote of encouragement from This Old House magazine.

The magazine has named Midtown as one of the 51 best old-house neighborhoods. Each state and Canada have a neighborhood represented on the list.

"As the housing market stabilizes, now's the time to find masterfully crafted homes in communities that truly appreciate them," the magazine says.

It calls Midtown one of the best neighborhoods for bargains:

"As a neighborhood, Historic Midtown has struck the perfect balance between honoring the past and looking to the future. The prices are right, the people exceptionally friendly, and with Wichita State nearby, there's always something to see or do." It calls the population "a diverse mix of college professors, young professionals and longtime locals" living in beautiful houses on spacious lots.

The March issue, which went on sale at newsstands Friday, focuses on six of the 51 neighborhoods. Midtown is mentioned on the magazine's Web site, www. thisoldhouse.com. It says that Midtown has "plenty of bargain houses... from fixer-upper Craftsman bungalows to Folk Victorians that need just a little bit of TLC."

"Midtown tends to be a little less pricey than nearby Riverside or College Hill, with homes ranging from $50,000 to $200,000," it says.

Wichitans wanting a peek inside Midtown houses get a chance every October, when the neighborhood citizens association sponsors a walking tour of a few of the historic homes.