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In color at Botanica:

Legacy sugar maple

Botanical name: Acer saccharum "Legacy"

Location: Parking lot beds

Description: Legacy is touted as the most consistent maple for fall color year after year. It's a fast-growing tree that is resistant to leaf tatter and drought. Its dark green, glossy foliage turns brilliant red and orange in the fall. It grows 45 to 50 feet tall and 30 to 35 feet wide and has a dense, uniform, oval crown.

Growth tips: This tree is widely adaptable but prefers well-drained soil amended with organic matter in full sun to partial shade. It is the most shade-tolerant of the maples.

History: Displayed at Botanica since 1994.

Uses: A good selection for dense summer shade and brilliant fall color. This is also a good street tree.

Also of interest in the gardens: Other trees, shrubs, roses, mums, pansies, asters, anemones, wildflowers and perennials.