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In bloom at Botanica: ornamental oregano

Botanical name: Origanum laevigatum "Herrenhausen"

Location: Perennial Border

Description: This herbaceous perennial is grown for its aromatic leaves and its showy flowers. Tiny, dark-pink flowers with reddish purple bracts bloom in the summer and into the fall. Small oval-shaped green leaves appear on contrasting red stems, deepening to a reddish-purple as the season progresses. Reaches a mature height and spread of 12 to 24 inches.

Growing tips: Easily grown in average, well-drained soil in full sun. Is tolerant of heat and drought. Dies to the ground in cold winters.

Uses: Has fragrant leaves and showy flowers. A good selection for borders, herb gardens or rock gardens.

History: The Greeks call it oros ganos, "joy of the mountain." Displayed at Botanica since 2000.

Also of interest: Pansies, roses, ornamental grasses, evergreens, ornamental cabbage and perennials.