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In bloom at Botanica Renaissance shrub rose

Botanical name: Rosa "Clair Renaissance"

Location: Button Fountain

Description: "Clair Renaissance" is one of the best and most floriferous of the Renaissance roses by Poulsen. It bears a rose-perfume fragrance and blooms profusely from late spring through fall. It looks like an old rose, but, as other Renaissance roses, it has a modern reblooming habit and an increased resistance to disease. This cultivar has a bushy growth habit, reaching more than 4 feet high and wide.

Growth tips: Optimum growing conditions are well-drained soil amended with organic matter in full sun to partial shade. Plant container-grown roses in the spring or fall and plant bare-root roses in early spring. Deadhead spent blooms to promote flowering, but discontinue deadheading in the fall to prepare the plant for dormancy.

History: Introduced in 1995. Displayed at Botanica since 2001.

Uses: Shrub roses are good for screens, hedges and mass plantings but also make good specimen plantings. This cultivar is a great choice for a fragrance garden and makes a good cut flower.

Also blooming: other roses, wildflowers, water lilies, annuals and perennials.