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Ways to enjoy your retirement years

Retired? Here’s some advice from the book “How to Love Your Retirement” (Hundreds of Heads Books,, $13.95), straight from people who’ve done it:

“The only way to stay fit at all is to watch what you eat. The good thing is that I find I don’t have the appetite I had when I was younger. I also seem to have lost my sweet tooth. Luckily, all my other teeth are still intact. You have to eat right so you can stick around to see your grandchildren grow up.”

– A.P.; Boardman, Ohio

“If you garden, you can eat healthier because you can eat the stuff you grow. I didn’t have time for that before I stopped working, but now I have a certified green thumb. I grow tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, beans, corn; you name it, I grow it. And it saves me money on food.”

– Robin Lally; Greenford, Ohio

“I’m eating whatever I want. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I could die? That’s going to happen soon enough anyway. I want to enjoy myself. Your later years are not the time to start watching what you eat. You should have been doing that when you were younger. Plus, every time you see them talking to some 100-year-old person on the news, and they ask them what is the secret to longevity, those people never say healthy eating. They always say they spent their lives living on booze and cigarettes. I’m on my way to 100.”

– Tim Schade; Unity, Ohio

“Keep friends who are a variety of ages. I have friends who are in their 40s and friends who are 10 years older than I am. With some friends, I often see they get more and more morose as their old friends die off.”

– Michael Creedman; San Francisco

“Exercise is important to staying healthy. I exercise in a pool three times a week. I stretch and work my muscles. It helps my joints and circulation. I also mow my lawn every three days or so to get exercise.”

– E.M.W.; Springfield, Mo.

Source: “How to Love Your Retirement”