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Eat Smart: Give the gift of a great breakfast

Breakfast cereal as a holiday gift?

It may sound unusual, but it tastes wonderful. Granola is a practical, beautiful and delicious gift. It’s also easy and inexpensive to prepare. It can be packaged attractively yet simply in glass canning jars or cellophane bags tied with ribbons. And granola is easy to tailor to your recipient’s tastes.

And unlike many edible gifts, it has a long shelf life and doesn’t need refrigeration.

We’ve started off with a basic granola recipe, then added flavors to mix in before and after the baking step.

If you want to come up with your own flavors, here’s the basic idea – spices and nuts are mixed with oats, then baked in the oven. Dried fruit gets mixed in after baking so it doesn’t get over-dried and bitter. If you choose to add chocolate, cocoa gets mixed in with the oats. But chocolate chips should be added only after the granola has been baked and thoroughly cooled.