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Cool bike bottle keeps water cold

Camelbak has introduced a new insulated bike bottle, the BPA-free Podium ICE, which the company says keeps water cold four times longer than standard bike bottles. It features extreme insulation, a high water volume capacity, and antimicrobial properties all in a lightweight design.

The Podium ICE is constructed using Zero-Loft extreme aerogel, a highly effective insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. It has a self-sealing Jet Valve and with an easy-squeeze, the Podium ICE delivers water without spills or leaks.

The high-flow Jet Valve also allows riders to easily drink and stash the bottle without having to worry about opening and closing the valve. It also works with keeping beverages warm during cool-weather rides.

Price: $20. It's just out so look for it at bike shops.