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Resolutions will help you keep weight off

According to a survey conducted by, 76 percent of people who make a weight loss resolution say they have not been successful at keeping the weight off.

Here are five small changes recommended by to help accomplish fitness and nutrition goals for the New Year.

1. Clear out the kitchen. Toss high-calorie, high-fat foods and abstain from buying similar products. The purge will spur an instant sense of accomplishment and make it easier to maintain a healthy plan.

2. Plan your meals. Use cookbooks or online resources focused on healthy recipes to map out days and weeks of nutritious food.

3. Go local and go green. Organic and locally grown food items are often tastier and more satisfying than their conventional counterparts. Shop your local farmers markets or health-food stores to find these items.

4. Use available resources. Sign up and follow fitness and nutrition platforms online as an easy go-to resource for questions and additional information.'s MyPlate is a great tool for tracking your food intake and fitness routine.

5. Set a fitness goal. Assess your previous physical activity in the past year and set a realistic goal to gradually improve fitness. Get a workout partner to help you stay motivated.

—McClatchy News Service

Sweet behavior

Ohio State University researchers say that sugar-sweetened lemonade appears to help people simmer down.

In a study, people who drank a glass of lemonade with sugar acted with less aggression toward a stranger they met a few minutes later than those who had lemonade with a sugar substitute.

The scientists attribute that to glucose, a sugar that fuels the brain. The short-term energy appeared to help people keep their tempers under wraps, according to study co-author Brad Bushman, a professor of communication and psychology at Ohio State.

—The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio