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Wrist band helps avoid sunburn

Fitness enthusiasts often "feel the burn" when exercising vigorously outdoors.

But the distraction means many don't realize their skin is also burning until too late.

Burn often occurs because people don't realize the need to reapply sunscreen.

Using a device that changes color in the sun can serve as a reapplication reminder.

The UVSunSense is a wrist band that fades in the sunlight. When applying sunscreen, users should smear lotion on the band.

The band will fade in the sunlight and when it turns pink, users should reapply sunscreen.

A break from the sun is recommended once the band turns yellow.

The band only works with SPF 15 or higher and cannot be reused. The bands must be stored in a dark place at room temperature.

Recyclable, a seven-pack costs around $7. More information is available at