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Customizable shoe inserts support feet, reduce pain

For many outdoor adventurers, sport is stress relief. Running on trails, cycling on flat roads or hiking steep slopes is an escape from the problems of life.

It can be devastating when the escape from problems becomes a problem — injury or overuse leads to pain that can cause one to leave a sport.

Adventurers managing pain can consider a customizable shoe insert meant to support feet and reduce foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

Softec Response inserts from Sole are customizable inserts meant to provide support to athletes dealing with foot pain or injury exacerbated by high-impact activities.

The inserts are designed for high-impact activity and can be worn for running, walking, basketball, tennis, skateboarding and skiing.

They have three layers of cushioning that mold to an individual's foot.

Users can accelerate the molding process by heating the inserts.

Or the inserts can mold over time through use.

The inserts have deep heel cups and full arch support. Sold in full sizes only, women 5-12, men 3-16, they are $44.95 at