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Keeping your cool in the heat

Tonya Wells, a certified personal trainer and the owner of Mommy-Muscle Fitness in Wichita, suggests these tips when exercising outside in the summer:

* Exercise outdoors before 10 a.m. or in the evening, avoiding the heat of the day.

* Stay hydrated, all day long. Your body will quickly adjust to drinking more water.

* Carry an insulated water bottle. Cool water is more enticing than warm water.

* Freeze a wet washcloth overnight and carry it with you in a sandwich bag; use it to cool off.

* Carry and use a mister fan.

* Don't wear a hat in the heat. Use a visor or headband instead.

* Eat a light snack — a banana or a few crackers — 30 minutes to an hour before exercising.

* If you feel faint or nauseous, stop exercising.

* Stay in the shade when you can.

* If it's above 90 degrees and there's no shade and no breeze, find a pool and do a pool workout.