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Protect iPhone, music player from elements

Music lovers have always paid dearly for the newest technology.

In 1980, the Sony Walkman was introduced for $200. Two years later, Sony released a $2,200 CD player that improved sound quality but at a dear price — CDs cost as much as $45 each.

MP3 players such as iPods can do much more for users than the 1982 CD player.

But the cost is still high — the new iPhone 4 with 32GB is about $300. Expensive equipment can make owners feel protective.

Gadget owners who want to bring their pricy phones or music players to the beach can protect items from water or sand damage with specialty cases.

The Grace Digital Audio Eco Extreme is a waterproof speaker case that fits many devices, including the iPhone 4.

It is meant to withstand being dropped. It also floats and is water and dirt resistant.

To play music, users plug in the audio jack and close the case shut.

There is also an internal storage compartment to hold keys, credit cards or cell phone.

Uses three AA batteries and costs $49.99 at