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Watches help keep pace in the water

Athletes training for a triathlon or swim competition may have a timing issue. Few watches are both waterproof and able to time laps, meaning athletes can only time the full workout and then divide the workout time by the number of laps swum.

Estimates don't help an athlete determine whether times are faster at the beginning or end of a workout. Does an athlete have a slow start that needs to be addressed? Or an endurance issue and the tendency to fizzle out at the end?

There are waterproof lap watches available for aquatic athletes hoping to determine pace. The Timex Ironman Sleek 150-lap watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

The watch has TapScreen technology so athletes can tap the face while swimming or running instead of having to locate and push buttons. It also has interval timers which can record up to 150 laps.

Athletes can set a goal and audible alerts will notify if the pace is too fast, slow or just right. There are also alarms to remind athletes to hydrate or refuel during long workouts.

The watch can also be used as an alarm and has three customizable alarms and a five-minute backup alarm. There is also a night light and night mode feature.

Available in seven styles, it costs $89.95 at