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Beets, mint and lemon team up in a simple spring salad

This beet salad is easy to make and pleases a crowd.
This beet salad is easy to make and pleases a crowd. TNS

This combo of beets, mint, chives and lemon makes for a bright spring salad.

Spring beet salad

Makes 6 servings

6 fresh beets

6 tablespoons chopped fresh mint

6 tablespoons chopped fresh chives

6 teaspoons lemon zest

3 teaspoons chopped preserved lemon, optional

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

6 teaspoons olive oil

3 teaspoons lemon juice

Scrub beets, trim stems to 1 inch, leave tails intact. Settle beets in a baking pan. Add a splash of water (just enough to cover the bottom of the pan). Cover pan with foil; slide into a 400-degree oven, and roast beets until tender when poked with a skewer (or toothpick or fork), about 1 hour.

When beets are cool enough to handle, snap on disposable gloves. Lop off tops and tails; slip off skins. Set a box grater on a rimmed baking sheet and grate beets through the large holes. Scoop grated beets into a bowl.

Scatter beets with mint, chives and lemon zest. If you have some preserved lemon lurking in the back of the fridge, pull out a wedge, strip away the flesh, rinse the rind, chop it and add it. Season salad with salt and pepper. (Go easy on the salt if you’re using the preserved lemon, which can be salty.)

Dress the beet salad with oil and lemon juice. Toss with a fork. Enjoy room temperature or cold.