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Homemade ice cream the perfect end to an end-of-summer barbecue

Labor Day signals the last blast of summer. Backyard barbecues are a traditional way to wrap up summer and to start the fall activities.

Long ago I decided Labor Day celebrations should be easy on cook. No long preparations – just simple, good food. My favorite thing is to fire up the grill for burgers, have a few fresh side dishes, then end with a grand finale of homemade ice cream. Turn it into a hot fudge sundae, if you like, with a rich, dense sauce you can make days ahead.

Now, homemade ice cream may seem like work to you, but not this recipe. It has no eggs in it, so you don’t cook it. Just stir together a few ingredients and you have the makings for a fabulous dessert that will have your guests coming back for more.

And if making ice cream is not for you, buy a good brand and top it with the hot fudge sauce, sprinkle on a few toasted pecans, and dessert is ready.