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Bonnie Aeschliman: There’s more to game-day treats than chicken wings

The spotlight this week is on the Super Bowl — discussing the hearty and delicious foods we will serve to keep enthusiastic fans going on game day.

Buffalo hot wings will be on many tables — but not on mine.

I never did like chicken wings very much. I think it stems from growing up on a farm. We had "organic, farm-raised" chickens before they were given that prestigious title.

My mother would panfry chicken in a large cast iron skillet after dipping it in well-seasoned flour. My favorite piece was the wishbone — a small v-shaped piece cut from the top portion of the breast. As the large platter of crispy fried chicken was passed around the family table, the juicy breasts and the succulent legs and thighs were the favored pieces. Since the wings were rejected in favor of the more meaty pieces, my mother did not bother frying them but used them to make a rich, flavorful chicken broth. To this day, I still think that is a pretty good use for them.

If you would like to add a different chicken item to your party menu, I do have a winning recipe for you.