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Ready, set, grill

Wichita Ribfest, a new three-day outdoor barbecue festival at Intrust Bank Arena featuring concerts, national vendors, a beer garden, kids’ activities and — of course! — ribs, kicks off May 17 at Intrust Bank Arena.

Grilling aficionados have declared May National Barbecue Month.

So we at The Eagle needed no other reasons to break out the grills — and our favorite grilling recipes to share with you, our readers.

Smoky Spice-Rubbed Pork Loin with Cilantro Chili Cream

It probably was 2002 when I attended my first Midwest Winefest.

My head nearly exploded from all of the options I found there. Wine and food were everywhere, and I could have as much as I wanted. (Well, within reason.)

I still have one souvenir of that day.

At the time, Tanya’s Soup Kitchen owner Tanya Tandoc was doing work with Cargill Meat Solutions, the producer of the Sterling Silver meats. She was staffing their booth and passing out recipes cards with recipes she’d written. I grabbed one for Smoky Spice-Rubbed Pork Loin with Cilantro Cream Sauce. It became an instant hit, and I’ve made it several times a year ever since.

I find the chipotle sauce in the Mexican aisle at Dillons.

Denise Neil, entertainment and dining writer


My husband, former Eagle food writer Joe Stumpe, and I love experimenting with international food. He makes it, I eat it.

Kalbi is a traditional Korean dish. Even people without adventurous palates enjoy it. In fact, every single person we have served this to has loved it. Guests look at us like we’re some kind of amazing wizards in the kitchen. The truth is, this is Joe’s simplified version of the dish, and it’s so easy.

This is a great recipe for entertaining because the ribs cook so quickly.

Carrie Rengers, Have You Heard? blogger/columnist

Panko-Crusted Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa

Being a busy mom with a career and an active family, sometimes meal time is the only “quality time” we may capture during the week.

Therefore, it’s important to plan ahead and keep things simple during the week. That’s why I chose a simple sampling of ingredients (that you can adapt for any palate) for this feature — one for which you can keep all of the ingredients on hand all the time and enjoy a family barbecue any day of the week!

Kim Nussbaum, president and publisher

Super Simple Steak Gorgonzola

I created this recipe after being inspired by a similar one I made once at Super Suppers, a former assemble-your-own-meal business in Wichita. My family liked these simple, tasty steaks so much, we have been re-creating them ever since.

Suzanne Perez Tobias, families/early childhood/ education writer

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