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Kale can be as tasty as fresh spinach

Recently, I had an interesting phone call from a gentleman inquiring about greens. He knew greens are being touted as one of the new super foods but conveyed that he only liked spinach.

Because I had a trip planned to a southern state in a few days, I assured him I would try to get a really good recipe for greens. He asked me not to wait too long; then he quipped that he was 79 years old and didn’t know how much longer he would be around. Although I could not see his face, I am quite certain he had a twinkle in his eye and a sly smile as his voice was filled with amusement.

There are other greens that are as tasty as fresh spinach. I have fond farm-day memories of searching for wild greens in the spring. It was an adventure. We shunned dandelion greens in favor of narrow dock and occasionally a few poke greens in the mix. Occasionally, after a spring rain, we would find a slew of wild morel mushrooms on the same outing. My mother would cook the greens with smoked ham and would fry the morels and always served it with a skillet of hot cornbread slathered with butter.

Here are two recipes for you today. One is a southern classic. The other a contemporary way to use fresh kale.