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Pop-Tarts store pops up in Times Square

One of Kellogg Co.' s most popular brands is popping up in Times Square on Tuesday at Pop-Tarts World, with more than 3,000 square feet dedicated to toaster pastries.

Customers will be able to eat Pop-Tart "sushi," order a customized pastry or create a custom box filled with a mix of their favorite flavors. They can suggest new types of Pop-Tarts, select a Pop-Tarts T-shirt made by specialty artists or get "frosted" and "wrapped in foil" by a light show.

It's the first time Kellogg has focused a store on one product to cash in on its dedicated following and increase its exposure. The company hopes to make the new store a fixture in Times Square, where two candymakers already have stand-alone emporiums, the Hershey store and Mars Inc.' s M&M's World.

Pop-Tarts — two layers of pastry with sweet filling — have been a Kellogg mainstay for nearly 50 years; about 2 billion sell each year. But it wasn't until the recent rise of social media that Kellogg grasped the dedication of Pop-Tarts fans.

Brand manager Andrew Shripka says the Pop-Tarts Facebook page is one of the social network's 20 most popular, surprising even some Kellogg employees.