Bonnie Bing

Bonnie Bing: What a great time to be a Shocker fan

Those of you who are not basketball fans may be tired of hearing about the wildly successful season the Wichita State men’s and women’s basketball teams have had. But the good news for the rest of us is there’s more to come.

My husband and I were happy to be part of the Shocker throng yelling our heads off at the Missouri Valley Tournament in St. Louis, and our vocal cords are ready to go at it again.

Last year I was such an emotional mess in St. Charles, Mo., when the women’s team won the MVC tournament that player Jazimen Gordon had to comfort me.

What a thrill it is to see young people do so well on the court. Last Sunday the line of cars coming home from St. Louis seemed endless. The drive was long, the fans were tired, but it was worth it.

Coaches Gregg Marshall and Jody Adams never fail to say how much they appreciate the fans. What a season they are having. What a season we are all having. Yes, this is a great time to be a Shocker.

Say what?

Isn’t it fun when you hear something that sort of hits you right upside the head? Someone said to me the other day, “You are a patient woman.” I have never been told that in my life. The next day someone said, “You are always so calm.” In both instances I thought they were kidding, but they weren’t.

Being more patient and more calm must have something to do with retirement and with age. I think I’m more patient because my schedule isn’t as hectic as it used to be. And I’m more calm because, after years of being stressed about one thing or another, I’ve realized there are very few things worth getting in a flop sweat over.

My mom used to say, “It will all come out in the wash.” And it usually has. One exception does come to mind, however, when she would cut my bangs too short. They did NOT come out all right in the wash. It took weeks for them to grow out, and that was in grade school – long before I was patient.

With every birthday I try to find an advantage to growing older. Next month, I’ll add patience and calmness to the list. It’s a short list.