Bonnie Bing

It's nice of you to share stories about not-nice

You're out there! You're really out there! Did that remind you of Sally Field's acceptance speech at the Oscars many years ago?

Well, at least I know some people are reading my column because I had so many responses last week about the piece headlined: "Sometimes you see less than best in others."

One reader wrote that a seemingly irrational man pitching a fit in the parking lot ruined what should have been a nice evening at the movies for him and his wife.

Another wrote how she spotted a car coming out of a prime parking spot. She was pleased with her luck, as she has mobility problems and uses a cane. Needless to say, she was irritated when a man whipped into the space she had been waiting for, with her blinker on.

She parked a few spaces down, but decided to "play the poor me card," hoping he'd feel like a real heel when he saw her limping by.

"Just as I passed in front of the interloper, he was getting out of his car and laboriously pulling his crutches after him!" she wrote. She thought she would teach a lesson that day, but she ended up being the student.

Thanks for sharing your stories and thoughts. It seems to all come down to one thing: It's nice to be nice.

Yes, even to those who need more fiber in their diets.

A bounty of baubles and bangles — Linda Parks, president of the Wichita YWCA, started her e-mail by saying that she's not asking for money or trying to find a home for a kitten. She is, however, hoping it's time for you to clean out your jewelry box.

Parks is looking for donations for the Jewelry Jamboree Nov. 4 at Hotel at Old Town. It's going to be one big silent auction of gently worn jewelry.

You'll get a receipt for your donation, but the best part is you'll be helping the YWCA further its work of empowering women through the YWCA Crisis Center.

We've all got jewelry that hasn't been worn for years, and that we know we probably won't wear again.

Your donated items don't have to be made of genuine stones or precious metal, but of course, that would be fine if they are. All kinds of jewelry in good shape would be appreciated.

I'll have more details on the event later, but for now, donate jewelry at these sites:

• Grene Vision Group, 6100 E. Central, No. 215. Ask for Susan Wade or D.J. Fulton.

• The YWCA Treasure Chest at 1217 W. Douglas.

• The YWCA at 1111 N. St. Francis.