Bonnie Bing

Photographer Katy Winn is the picture of joyful

On Mondays I go to Harry Street Elementary to have lunch with my Girl Power group. Chatting with nine fourth-grade girls makes for a fun and interesting lunch hour.

One day as we reported our "highs and lows" of the week, I used the word "joyful."

One girl who has a tiny face and enormous eyes said, "I think I know what that means. It's, well, what is 'joyful'?"

"Happy," someone shouted. "Laughing," someone else said.

I explained that, yes, joyful meant happy, but it wasn't necessarily "ha ha funny" happy or the "I finally got a Wii" happy. It's an everyday kind of happy. A joyful person sees the bright side of things. A joyful person loves life and it shows. And a joyful person gives everyone around them a lift and a smile.

"Name one," someone said.

That made me think of Katy Winn, a photographer I see once a year in New York.

Katy wears fun clothes, she is quick to flash her genuine smile and she always has something positive to say. She's just as happy at the end of a tough, 12-hour day during fashion week as she was that morning. That's a real test.

"You just feel better after seeing her, even for a few minutes," I told the group.

As one member of the group tore the crust off her grilled cheese sandwich, she said, "Joyful, huh. Guess I'll try to be more joyful, except to my brother. I'm still going to be mean to him."

Well, it was a start.

Oops, sorry Reba — Get me a calculator and a calendar. If you read this column last week, you'll recall that I said I think Reba McIntire looks great at her age. Problem is, I had her age wrong.

Several readers e-mailed and one called to tell me she will be 55 this month, not 56.

Well, she looks great for 55, too, and boy, her fans have her back.

Sorry about that, Reba. After 50 it's not supposed to matter what the number is, but somehow it does. Come April 15 I don't want anyone tacking on an extra 12 months to my age.

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