Bonnie Bing

Celebrities in style during Fashion Week

After spending most of the past week in New York, I must say there's no place like it during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Sure, it's fun to see all of the famous fashion designers and their new collections.

But just as fun is the celebrity-watching. Lots of big stars turn out for the runway shows.

Several other fashion writers and I agreed that it's getting increasingly difficult each year to recognize those who are ganged up on by photographers. Is that person on television? Is she a socialite, perhaps the next Paris Hilton? Paris, by the way, was noticeably absent from the whole scene this year.

I will admit I was thrilled when John Slattery, who plays Roger on "Mad Men," came strolling into the Nanette Lepore show. After the show I caught up with him, introduced myself, and he told me his name. Like I didn't know! He's tall, thin, and seems a lot like his character. Smooth.

He said he's not that much into fashion but the designer is a friend so he came to the show. He doesn't have a favorite designer and said on the show he usually wears without comment whatever the wardrobe people give him.

"Usually. But sometimes, if I don't think it looks or feels right, I will let them know," he said, adding that he realizes that all of the colors and the looks need to work together in a scene, but if an actor doesn't feel right about what he's wearing, it affects his work. "But most of the time it's not a problem," he said.

Speaking of the "Mad Men" cast, the very curvaceous redhead on the show, Christine Hendricks, who plays Joan, was a front-row guest at the Badgley Mischka show, and I must say she is truly a stunner. She has a beautiful complexion and great smile and looks much softer than she does in her role as the sexy, efficient and determined office manager. And yes, she does have all those curves. The photographers nearly killed each other trying to get a shot of her.

She said she was a fan of the design team and was hoping to find something to wear on the Red Carpet.

Kelly Osborne, whom America got to know when she was on the reality show with her rock star family, then on "Dancing With the Stars," sat across the runway from John Slattery. She was wearing a lime green dress with black polka dots and little green gloves. She looked a bit springy while those around her had on turtlenecks, boots and heavy coats, but she pulled it off and looked good for the photos.

Vanessa Williams and Ana Ortiz were at the Carmen Marc Valvo show. I wasn't surprised to see the "Ugly Betty" stars because Vanessa, who plays Wilhelmina on the show, has been friends with the designer for more than 20 years. The show was beautiful and afterward I asked Vanessa if she had any favorites from the show. She said she saw several looks perfect for her personally, and several more that would be suitable for her character.

Also at Carmen Marc Valvo was the very effervescent Sherri Shepherd, from "The View." Actually, she was at a couple of shows that day wearing a bright red top and black skinny legged pants. "I like Carmen because he designs for bigger women who don't wear a size 0," she said. "It's not easy to find something to fit my boom booms," she said pointing at the area between her waist and her neck.

One star who didn't draw as much attention from the photographers and didn't seem to want any was Alfre Woodard. When I asked if I could take a photo of her she nodded her head yes. I shot it and thanked her. She said "You're welcome," then she smiled. But there was no leaping to her feet and hitting the "skinny pose" (one foot in front of the other, side to the camera) as many of those in the front row do.

At the last minute I slid into a vacant front-row seat at one of the shows. A woman asked if she could take my picture. I said "sure" and probably had a cheesy grin when she snapped it before getting to her place at the end of the runway.

Darn! I missed what will probably be my only chance to jump to my feet and hit the "skinny pose."