Bonnie Bing

Rhinestones: adding flair to winter flip-flops?

Juliana and Satish Chary, owners of Quick Stitch at 550 N. Rock Road, are blinging in the holidays. They have the first bling machine I've ever seen, and I must say, it can turn a plain piece of clothing into something pretty special.

Juliana says she's having fun adding rhinestones in a variety of patterns and words to Christmas stockings, T-shirts, pillow cases and other items that customers have wanted to personalize or add some sparkle to.

Rhinestones come in a large variety of colors and sizes. So, if you've got something you want to add bling to, check out the Web site,

Popsicle toes — A couple of readers wrote and asked what is up with people being bundled up but wearing flip-flops with their toes hanging out in the bitter cold.

You got me. I'm the one who thought girls were nuts for wearing Uggs in the summer.

Surely there is a reason for naked toes. Maybe those people just had a pedicure, you wonder.

Nope. Juliana Greenberg at Juliana Daniel Antiques said a young woman came in her shop dressed in winter garb head to ankles, including knit leg warmers, but she had on flip-flops. "She said her feet weren't cold, and several people asked about it. It wasn't a pedicure thing."

When something looks painful, is it fashionable? On an 11-degree day I saw a woman trudging along in high, high-heeled boots, a short skirt and bare legs. Ouch and brrrr. In that order.

She didn't look chic, she looked cold and, well, not too bright.

Favorite new favor — After the Red Stocking Breakfast for Kansas Children's Service League, the volunteers received a bright green reusable shopping bag. More and more companies and organizations are giving the bags away, and that's fine with me and with my pal Denise Neil. She says this was the fifth one she's collected in the past several weeks.

Good function, good recycling, good advertising. It's a win, win, win, win deal.

12 seconds of fun — My friend Jaime Green, Eagle photographer, got the idea of doing a time-lapse video of me decorating our mantel. It's on

Wish I could really move that fast.