Bonnie Bing

Diane, Charlie don't know they're my pals

How can it be? I go on vacation and come home to find out that Diane Sawyer is leaving "Good Morning, America"? What?

And Charlie Gibson is not going to be on the evening news? I can't stand it.

These are two people I know personally. They are my friends! They probably aren't aware of that fact, but I rationalize it by noting that I have met both of them up close and personal. Well, up close anyway.

I got to interview the duo in Charlie's office in New York several years ago when I was there for fashion week. It was so odd to see them in person instead of on a TV screen that I nearly forgot to ask questions.

I had arranged the interview to take place after that morning's show. Charlie and I chatted for a while as we waited for Diane to join us in his office. He was very serious. He must have assumed I was a serious-type reporter. Oh, I was after the facts, all right, asking tough questions such as "Who is your favorite designer?" and "What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?" You know, the important stuff my readers need to know.

But once Diane arrived wearing a flannel shirt, khakis and Merrell shoes, things lightened up and my allotted 10 minutes turned into 30 minutes with them.

It didn't hurt that I had presented each with a box of chocolates because the interview happened on Valentine's Day. Charlie let it slip that he planned to regift the candy to his wife that day.

But back to the big news that I learned weeks after everyone else — Diane's departure from GMA. I cried when Joan Lunden left GMA, but once they got Diane and Charlie on board, I was hooked once again.

Now what? GMA weekend anchor Kate Snow would be my guess for Diane's replacement. She's pretty and seems nice, but she doesn't wear great shoes the way Diane does. Good shoes, but not great. Kate is a mom, and the moms in viewerland would love that, but Diane is an A-lister. And she's married to Mike Nichols, a director and producer who has won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony.

It's going to take someone pretty special to follow in Diane's Louboutin-shod footsteps. Talk about a tough act (and shoes) to follow.

At least I'll be able to keep up with Diane by following her on the ABC "World News." As you all knew long before I did, she'll soon be taking Charlie's place as anchor. I'm hoping for the best for both of them.

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