Step-by-step directions for ‘Frozen’-inspired hairdos

“Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired by Anna and Elsa” has step-by-step directions for “Frozen”-inspired hairdos.
“Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired by Anna and Elsa” has step-by-step directions for “Frozen”-inspired hairdos. TNS

If your child wants a hairdo inspired by the princesses of “Frozen,” a new book with step-by-step directions means there is no need for a professional to perfect these dazzling ’dos.

Disney Frozen Hairstyles: Inspired by Anna and Elsa” (Edda USA; October 2014; $12.95) reveals the secrets behind Anna’s and Elsa’s different looks. Each of the 28 hairdos is created on a real child and meticulously photographed in full color to make even the most complicated coiffure easy to achieve.

Also being released at the same time is “Disney Princess Hairstyles: 40 Amazing Princess Hairstyles” ($14.95) with step-by-step images, which features the lovely hairdos made famous by eleven other Disney princesses, including Ariel, Jasmine and Mulan. Disney Princess Hairstyles features instructions for forty different hairdos – such as Cinderella’s beautiful bun, Jasmine’s ponytail, Rapunzel’s endless curls and Pocahontas’ hidden braid.

Both books are widely available at bookstores and online.

Here are the steps to some of the most popular styles.

Elsa’s Icy Braid

1. Curl the hair with medium-size curling tongs. It’s best to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

2. Lightly backcomb the hair at the top by the root.

3. Take hold of three fairly large locks of hair from the sides and start making a French braid (see the Braidschool, p. 5).

4. Add fairly large locks to the braid and keep it quite loose.

5. Continue making the braid down the length of the hair.

6. Pull the ends of the braid. It works well to hold onto the end of the braid with one hand while pulling its ends with the other hand.

7. Put a small elastic band at the end.

Anna’s Braids

1. Divide the hair in two sections. Make a shallow side part at the front. If you have a light hair lock or a ribbon, by all means fasten it in the hair on one side.

2. Bring all the hair on one side over the ear and divide it into three parts. Braid the hair, with the lock closest to the face added first into the braid.

3. Put a small elastic band on the end.

4. Take a small lock from below the elastic band and wrap it around it.

5. Pin the end down by placing a bobby pin behind the braid and pressing it. You can also use a small rubber band, which holds longer.

Tiana’s Bun

1. Put all the hair up in a high ponytail.

2. Put a hair doughnut around the ponytail and pin it down loosely.

3. Distribute the hair from the ponytail evenly over the doughnut and pin the hair against the doughnut. It works well to fold the hair into the doughnut to conceal the ends.

4. Pin the hair securely all the way around.