Suzanne Tobias

Resolve to dream big in the new year

I haven't made lasagna in a while. Therefore, I resolve to make lasagna. Also, the bathroom floor is looking a little icky.

So I resolve to clean the bathroom.

This is the way my New Year's resolutions usually go. No sweeping, significant lifestyle changes — lose weight, get fit, reduce clutter, save money, blah-blah-blah. Those are pledges for more ambitious folk.

My resolutions are pretty much a ramped-up to-do list. The first day of a new year seems the perfect time to get started on all those things I should be doing anyway, like sweeping the patio or finally hanging some art on the walls.

My children, meanwhile, are more determined. Hopeful. And let's face it, naive. They resolve to accomplish things like "eat more candy" or "get a guinea pig" or "play Wii at least three hours a day."

As if.

My resolutions are monumentally mundane. The kids' are a catalog of their wildest dreams.

And you know what? They may be on to something.

Taking a lesson from my optimistic kiddos, I decided to jot down some more auspicious resolutions, things that could truly enrich my life in 2010.

Turns out I don't even need to accomplish them. Just writing and thinking about the things on the list — like the sweet possibility of a lottery jackpot, as close as the crumpled ticket in your pocket — improves my mood.

So in 2010, I resolve to:

* Get more sleep.

* Eat more sushi.

* Drink more wine.

* Get together with friends as often as possible.

* Spend at least 15 minutes a day laughing hysterically.

* Play more board games.

* Sing louder.

* Go on more dates with my husband.

* Seek out more revolving doors. (Literally. I love revolving doors.)

* Be lazy.

* Learn to make balloon animals.

* Ride more roller coasters.

* Bake bread. Inhale deeply.

* Play with puppies.

* Quit worrying.

* Read every day.

* Stop reading books I don't like.

* Ask for help.

* Lighten up.

* Celebrate ridiculous holidays like National Fig Newton Day (Jan. 16), Jump Over Things Day (April 6), Kite Day (May 3), Spoil Your Dog Day (Aug. 10), Gaudy Day (Oct. 17) and Slumber Party Day (Nov. 22).

Turns out, Jan. 13 is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. I might start on this list — or at least make some lasagna.