Ways to soak yourself, everyone near you this summer


As summer approaches, here are some ways to soak yourself and everyone around you.

Water Warriors water blasters

Buzz Bee Toys makes more than a dozen different water blasters, all of which are solidly made, reasonably priced, and really fun.

The Gargangua uses air pressure and what they call “aggressive soaking technology,” which lets you blast people as far as 40 feet away. And it is, indeed, gargantuan, holding up to 78 ounces of water (more than half a gallon), which means you’ll be able to keep on blasting for a long, long time. Just fill it up, choose one of three nozzle settings, and start soaking.

The Outlaw is a little smaller, but what it lacks in water capacity (it holds up to 48 ounces), it makes up for in distance, outblasting Gargantua by two feet.

Both of these blasters are easy to pump, so little kids will be able to hold their own against bigger, older and stronger opponents. Gargantua is for ages 8 and up, Outlaw for 5 and up. Both are under $20.

Water sprinklers

Running through sprinklers on a hot summer day is one of the best parts of summer.

The Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler from Prime Time Toys connects to a standard garden hose and comes fully assembled, so you’ll be ready to get drenched within seconds after unboxing it.

The center fountain of the Swirl spins around, spraying water in all directions, and the squirting “wiggle tubes” ensure that no one escapes dry.

Like the Swirl, the Hydro Twist Pipeline Sprinkler also connects to a standard hose and has wiggle tubes. But this sprinkler also has two fountains.

Both are for ages 4 and up and retail for under $15.

Bunch O Balloons

Preparing for a water balloon fight can take hours, filling them with water and tying them up one at a time.

Bunch O Balloons gives you an incredible advantage. Just attach it to your hose and in less than a minute, you’ve got yourself 100 filled, tied balloons, so you can get down to the serious business of battle while your opponents are still fumbling around.

Bunch O Balloons come in a variety of colors. The pack we reviewed also included a scoop-like launcher, which can extend your range.

It’s for ages 4 and up, and retails for about $13.

Hurricane Water Balls

Bunch O Balloons may speed things up, but eventually, you’ll run out of ammo. Not so with Hurricane Water Balls, which can be reused up to 1,000 times. The clever design allows you to refill the ball by simply dunking it in a bucket of water for a few seconds.

Just like regular balloons, Hurricane Water Balls explode painlessly on contact, leaving your opponent wet but bruise-free.

For ages 5 and up and anyone who’s looking for a more environmentally sustainable way to soak each other. They’re about $12 for a package of three.