Smartphone app can make brushing your teeth more efficient

Believe it or not you can now include brushing your teeth as something you can do with an app on your smartphone.

Oral-B PRO 5000 SmartSeries called itself the world’s first available interactive electric toothbrush with Bluetooth (4.0) connectivity.

After downloading the free app and pairing your toothbrush with it, you’re set to go.

The app has you brush for the required and dentist-recommended 2 minutes per brush but also adds extra time for areas that need it.

As you brush a graphic on your smartphone shows you the time and the area you need to brush to ensure equal cleaning in each quadrant of the mouth. Of course a “spit” is needed now and then.

There’s also a pressure sensor to activate when you are brushing too hard along with five different cleaning modes: daily cleaning, deep clean, whitening, gum care and for sensitive teeth and gums.

After your few minutes are complete the program asks you a few questions including if you flossed.

A nice travel case is included to protect the brush and charger. $111.99

Lipstick battery

One of the lastet charging accessories from Bootcase allows you to charge a smartphone or any portable USB accessory with Lipstick, or at least what appears to be just that.

The lipstick-looking battery ($100) has 3,000mAh of power, easily enough to recharge most devices on the go using your own charging cable.

The company also has a Crocodile iPhone 6/6 Plus battery case on the horizon, which will be price in the $1,000 area.

It should be available in the first quarter of 2015 and also offers choices of exotic skins of string rays, pythons or lizards.

The cases come in two pieces, one with the cover, and the other with the back-sided slim battery. iPhone 6 in options of 2200 or 2700 mAh, iPhone 6 Plus is available with 2700 or 4500 mAh.

Gregg Ellman/TNS