Fresh looks for spring

Spring is a great time not only for a wardrobe update, but a fresh new hairstyle. After several local stylists expressed their views on hot spring trends in hair and makeup, it’s clear the choices are many.

Hair can be long or short, but most agree the freshest look is short, somewhat tousled hair. With several movie stars such as Oscar nominee Michelle Williams going for super-short styles, it’s not surprising the look has quickly become a trend.

“Think Twiggy and Mia Farrow in the ’60s and ’70s,” said Tod Ernst of Planet Hair.

Pam Cutler of Salon Knotty said it’s not only length, but “it’s texture, texture, texture you’re going to be seeing. I don’t want to frighten anyone, so I won’t say ‘perm.’ But I’ll say ‘wave!’ ”

Eric Fisher of Eric Fisher Salon predicts that besides the “little cropped hair, all the shorter looks, there will be longer hair and some ‘hairdressing.’ ” That means putting your hair up in “fixed” styles such as a French twist or smooth, long ponytail.

“Braids and polished ponytails, yes, they’re still going strong for spring and summer,” Cutler said.

If your hair is long, but your ponytail isn’t, the answer is a clip-in ponytail.

“We sell a lot of them, and we match them to your hair so they look very natural,” said Jennifer Gordon of The Perfect Touch Salon.

Layers, texture, cropped, coiffed, straight, loose curls: Choose the cut, then it’s time for color choices.

“Color trends for hair are on fire, shades on shades, deep reds, blondes, brunettes,” Fisher said.

Ernst said at Planet Hair they’re doing a “ombre” color. Ombre means it has goes from a deep shade to a light shade.

“There is such a wide spectrum,” Gordon said, adding that the goal should be to “choose a hair color that looks good with your skin tone, one that makes you happy, and a color that looks natural and healthy and reflects light beautifully.”


The lashes win. When it comes to spring makeup, the accent is not only on the eyes, but especially on long, lush lashes.

“You’re going to see more than one pair being worn so they’re doubly thick,” Ernst said.

Fisher said the eyelash craze reminds him of the Brigitte Bardot look.

“Some eyeliner on top, none on the bottom — unless it’s just a powder, but thick lashes and a lot of mascara.” he said.

Cutler says it’s about mixing old looks with new ones.

“It’s a combination of vintage with modern. Shimmery, glittering eye accents, rouge lip colors and timeless natural makeup tones. Go for smoky-color eyeliners and shadows,” Cutler said.

Gordon says color is the big thing.

“Go big and bold,” she said. “We’re doing a lot of the brighter pinks for lips and color instead of all neutrals on the eyes.”

Ernst agrees. “Go for bright lips and the look of contoured, flawless skin,” he said.

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