Ready for spring

Just after we’ve turned our clocks back, we’re finding out what will be arriving in stores next spring. Buyers and fashion writers were at the Dallas Market Center the end of October checking out the trends by visiting showrooms, watching fashion shows and attending seminars.

Gregor Simmons, owner of Gregor Simmons Ltd., a New York buying company, says she is seeing a new category in fashion and is calling it “diffusion.” “There is a new core of very talented, branded, press conscious and well-priced designers that sit at bridge price points,” she said. That means these designers are pricing their clothes at a price point that’s less expensive than designer but more expensive than contemporary lines. “This category is a delicate balance between missy and edgy,” Simmons said.

“Women in their 40s don’t want to wear their daughters’ clothes, but they don’t want to look old. Now you can take the trends and work them the way you want to because now we dictate fashion, it doesn’t dictate us,” she said.

Here are some of the other trends most evident during the spring 2012 market:

•  Maxi-length skirts and dresses, especially dresses

•  Dresses in all shapes

•  Color blocking

•  Animal print, but more subtle than in the past few seasons

•  Shirt dresses

•  Stripes

•  Scarves

•  Boot-leg jeans

•  Cropped pants, but in a slimmer silhouette

•  More natural waistlines

•  Pants with wide legs in fluid fabrics

•  Polka dots (maybe even more popular than animal print)

•  Dove gray with brights

•  Tunics

•  Seersucker

•  Jean jackets making a comeback

•  Floral prints, some very soft and “blurred”

•  Crochet

•  Lace, lots of lace and lace inserts

•  Narrow belts with long looks

•  Fitted blazers

•  Jumpsuits making a return

•  Cardigans, both long and short

•  Boxy shapes in tops


•  Polished cotton

•  Ponte

•  Voile

•  Silk, especially silk that is twisted, pleated or treated in other ways

•  Linen and linen look-alikes

•  Lightweight leather and suede

•  Canvas, sometimes coated

•  Denim in bright colors


•  Green of every shade, but pea pod green is the freshest shade

•  More navy, less black

•  Stone, graphite, silver, nickle, navy and beige

•  Orange, lots and lots of orange

•  Brown, especially as a background

•  White, the crisp color for hot weather

That’s a quick look of what we’ll see in a few months. But for now, get the fall wardrobe in shape and start getting ready for the holidays.

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