In-your-face wedding ritual deserves a good riddance

Dear Abby: I'm writing you about a disgusting, rude and, in my opinion, obscene habit — the bride and groom shoving wedding cake in each other's faces. The couple are all dressed up in their beautiful finery. They have a wonderful ceremony and a perfect reception table. How rude and insensitive to the person he or she has just promised before God to love, honor and cherish — not to mention disrespectful.

What do you think of this "custom," and do you agree with me? —FAITHFUL LITTLE ROCK READER

Dear Faithful: I do agree with you. The cake-in-the-face custom should have been retired at least 50 years ago. The significance of the "ritual" is extremely demeaning to women.

Dear Abby: After 24 years of a committed relationship with my boyfriend, "Jesse" — who I thought was my knight in shining armor — I have decided to end it because he doesn't want to marry me or have children with me.

If I leave Jesse, I know I'll be broken-hearted, but there's another man, "Pete," I have known almost my entire life, who has made it clear he'd like to be more than friends.

Should I allow the friendship with Pete to develop into an intimate one, or could it spell disaster? —MIXED UP IN MONTANA

Dear Mixed Up: Because Jesse refuses to make a commitment, you're right to end the romance. However, before becoming intimate with Pete, be sure you clearly understand what he means by "more than friends," or you could wind up in another long-term relationship that's headed nowhere.