Charity fundraisers may be walking away with donations

Dear Abby: For several years, a group of ladies at work have held fundraisers so they could participate in cancer charity walks. We have all donated willingly, but someone recently pointed out something disturbing.

Every year, this group travels to a different location for the walk, using the funds they have raised for the charity. There is a walk within driving distance. The funds they raise could be donated to the cause instead of spent on flights, hotels, meals, etc. One of them commented that they "might as well get something out of it."

Are we wrong to feel this is not a good thing? Someone said we're paying for their vacation. At this point we are confused about the whole mess. Any comments? —BAFFLED

Dear Baffled: You're not wrong. Any monies raised the way these "ladies" have done should have been donated to cancer research. The comment your co-worker made to you was revealing. What you have described sounds like fraud. What those women should have "gotten out of it" was the satisfaction of knowing they were doing something for a worthy cause. This would not include treating themselves to a group vacation. If you continue to support this effort, the check(s) should be made payable to the charity.