Hair for the holidays

You have a great dress, great shoes and great evening bag all ready for festive events this week and next. Now, make sure your holiday look is head-to-toe with great hair, too.

Hair needs to be special so that it adds to — not detracts from — your sparkle.

"An easy way to doll up for the holidays would be a headband or festive scarf in the hair," said Graham Ross of Planet Hair. "To make a bigger statement, a vintage brooch in the hair will be the tinsel you need."

According to Ross, a holiday look shouldn't stop with hair. "Makeup should be bright and shimmery, and it's not a time to shy away from color," he said.

Pam Cutler of Salon Knotty suggests adding extra interest to hair and makeup, maybe with clip-in braids or a section of curls in a contrasting color.

"Pay close attention to eyebrows, especially if you're blond," she said on the topic of makeup. "Look at your face and check your eyebrows standing back from the mirror so you can evaluate from a distance. That's the most common mistake, nonexistent brows, or brows that look nonexistent."

Smooth gloss over lipstick, she said.

"Shine creates volume, and most women want slightly fuller lips," she said.

It's fun to show up at a holiday event with a hairstyle different from what your normally wear, the two stylists agreed.

"You can go retro with Hollywood finger waves and a variety of very glamorous looks this year," Ross said. "The holiday up-do is, and always will be, the way to knock 'em dead."