Embroidery is everywhere for fall

Baby boomers are probably smiling this fall to see teenagers and others excited about dresses, T-shirts, skirts, jackets and jeans with embroidery detail. It's a style reminiscent of the hippie-dippie days that boomers may recall fondly, or not. James and Monica Smits, owners of Aspen Boutique, Douglas and Oliver, were delighted to see a deluge of embroidered pieces this season. "It sure fits our store, our style," James Smits said.

He describes that style as "boho chic," which means easy bohemian styles with a touch of sophistication.

"I think it's a move to get back to one-of-a-kind, hands-on pieces. There's a tremendous amount of handwork in some of the pieces," he said of embroidered styles.

But he's not the only retailer in stitches.

"Embroidery! I love it!" said Linda Burton, owner of Eccentricity, 2939 N. Rock Road. "It's fun because it's nostalgic and it proves if you keep those favorite pieces long enough, they'll come back."

Burton noted that embroidery is playing a big part in another trend this fall.

"So many of the military-inspired pieces are embroidered to make them a touch more feminine and fun," she said.

But it's not just casual or trendy items that are adorned with colorful stitching. Some beautifully tailored jackets and coats are heavily embroidered, adding sophistication to the garment.

Joanne Stoner, CEO of, says designers who used richly embroidered fabrics for their fall collections have a couple of things in mind.

"Elaborately embroidered clothing has always been a sign of wealth and status. Today in the U.S., designers are presenting embroidered garments to ignite historical roots to this craft and engage customers in a new reason to buy," Stoner said.

"Elaborate embroidery adds depth and richness to transition and fall clothes and signals the end of one season and the introduction of a new one with a completely fresh look."

You'll find embroidery on accessories, too — shoes, boots, scarves and handbags.

Whether you choose an embroidered accessory, a T-shirt with dainty, embroidered flowers on the front, or a heavy coat with embroidery so rich it resembles tapestry, you'll be adding a popular, nostalgic trend to your fall wardrobe.