Multiple makeovers

After years of noticing the miscommunication and arguments about hair and makeup between moms and their preteen and teenage daughters, hairstylist Robin Wilborn decided it was time to intervene.

He proposed doing teen makeovers in a way that both parents and children could agree on: finding the right look, providing instruction so it could be re-created at home and making sure everything was age-appropriate.

That's what happened on April 17 when makeover winners Ciara Beaman, Angela Herman and Katy Aycock had hair and makeup makeovers with Wilborn, who owns Wilborn Hair Co., and Rachel Mathis of Barcelona Hair Lounge in Clifton Square.

Ciara Beaman

Ciara is in the eighth grade at Truesdell and will be going to South High School next year.

Hair: After coloring her blond hair black, Ciara was in need of a professional hair color job to restore her blond with a darker shade underneath.

First, an all-over color was applied to neutralize, then highlights were applied with a dark shade below. "We've got two or three different things going on here," Wilborn said.

Ciara wanted to keep her length about the same, so Wilborn cut long layers, which helped put volume in the style, and side-swept bangs.

Soft curls were achieved by using a curling iron.

Makeup: Mathis used a few touches of concealer to even out the skin tones, then applied a light foundation. She removed the dark eyeliner Ciara usually wears and lined her eyes with an angled brush and powder to put accent on them without the harshness of black lines. Then she applied mascara.

A touch of blush and a pale glossy color on the lips completed the look.

"Remember, you don't want any harsh lines or colors. A lighter touch is better," Mathis said.

What Ciara learned: How to use a curling iron the correct way, especially rolling one section of hair one way and the next section the opposite direction. Also, how to soften her makeup by using powder.

Angela Herman

Angela is an eighth-grader at St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton and will attend Bishop Carroll next year.

Hair: Angela complained that using her flatiron to try to get rid of her "fuzzy hair" has resulted in burning and breaking her hair. She told Wilborn she wanted to keep her length but make her hair more manageable.

The first step was a deep-conditioning treatment to repair some of the damage. Wilborn then trimmed the ends and thinned Angela's hair, especially at the crown.

Then the flatiron was used — properly. Very small sections of hair were straightened, starting at the nape of the neck. Angela's hair was straightened in back but curled on the sides to frame her face.

Makeup: Since Angela has perfect skin, Mathis explained she needed little or no foundation and only a touch of concealer. She encouraged Angela to quit plucking her eyebrows so the natural arch of her brow could grow back.

Because Angela's lips have a naturally rosy color, all she needed was clear gloss.

What Angela learned: The importance of not burning her hair and to straighten it in small sections instead of big chunks. If she does a good job of straightening and stays away from moisture, her style should be good for two to three days at a time. She needs just a bit of foundation to even out her skin tone.

Katy Aycock

Katy lives in Sedgwick and attends Sedgwick Elementary. Next year she will go to Sedgwick Middle School, where the high school and middle school are in the same building.

She has a no-frills way of doing her hair. She washes it, combs it and lets it dry naturally. But she wanted a change, a new style that she could maintain, even while playing the sports she competes in.

Hair: Layering and texture were the two big changes made in Katy's hairstyle. Wilborn told her the importance of using products such as a leave-in volumnizer that would give body to her hair and a curl booster that would help curl her naturally wavy hair without using rollers or a curling iron.

Wilborn cut short layers inside longer layers to give her hair texture. Katy didn't want her bangs cut as she is trying to grow them out, so a "pomp" on top was the answer.

Makeup: Katy loves makeup, but because she is 11 she shouldn't wear a lot of it. Mathis suggested moisturizer, a bit of gloss and — if her parents agreed to it — a pale shade on her eyelids.

"But do not go above the crease on your eyelid," Mathis said.

What Katy learned: A new style doesn't require a lot of time, equipment and products. Use a light or natural color on eyelids to highlight them.