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67 fireworks products recalled before July 4 for being ‘overloaded with pyrotechnics’

Too much of what makes fireworks go “BOOM” got 67 varieties of fireworks pulled Wednesday over four separate recalls on what appeared to be Fireworks Safety Day at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In addition to the fireworks recalls, the CPSC put out a safety release in English and Spanish with safety tips, last year’s number of injuries (9,100 in 2018, 62 percent of which are on July 4) and deaths (five with 2018 reporting still incomplete). Also on the website are printable posters in English and Spanish with similar information.

The problem with the recalled fireworks as stated in each recall notice: “The recalled fireworks are overloaded with pyrotechnics intended to produce an audible effect, violating the federal regulatory standard for this product. Overloaded fireworks can result in a greater than expected explosion, posing explosion and burn hazards to consumers.”

The one injury reported among the four recalls was “an 8-year-old boy and a 12-year-old boy found the broken end of a Talon rocket, lit it and were hurt. The 8 year old boy lost his hand.”

That came from Grandma’s Fireworks in West College Corner, Indiana. The names of the fireworks being recalled by Grandma’s are Rise in the East; Safe cracker; Angry Elf; Mamba; Crazy King; POW!; Bang; Crazy Robot Flowers; Frog Balls; Dragon Artillery; Small Festival Balls; Cock Rises!; Sammy’s Best; Katherine’s Catapult; Heavy Bomber; Multiple Rocket; Block Buster; and Talon.

Contact Grandma’s at 765-732-3866 or email and with any questions about returning the fireworks.

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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Patriot Pyrotechnics/Bill’s Fireworks recalled Dog Rules 30 Shot Cake; Bite Me 25 Shot Cake; Buster Sword 100 Shot Cake; Echo of Freedom 25 Shot Cake; Man’s Best Friedn Fireworks Cake; No Fooling ARound 130 Shot Cake; Top Notch Fireworks Cake; Dog Don’t Stop Barking Artillery Shell 24 Pack; Wonder of Galaxy 100 Shot Cake; Horror Night Artillery 6 Pack; American Hero 88 Shot Cake; Romantic Aliens 100 Shot Cake; Three’s a Charm Artillery Shell 6 Pack; Desperate Attempt 100 Shot Cake; Monkey Business 100 Shot Cake; Monkey Go Ape 100 Shot Cake; Monkey’s Revenge 25 Shot Cake; Outcast 49 Shot Cake; Godzilla Roars 36 Shot Cake; Monkey Planet 100 Shot Cake; 1.25 inch Artillery shell 18 Pack; and Double Nuts and Triple Ripples Artillery Shell 24 Pack.

Contact Bill’s Fireworks at 616-527-1337 or email with any questions about returning the fireworks for a full refund.

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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

GS Fireworks recalled 1.25-inch Artillery Shells; Blast From the Past; Born Hero 25 Shot Cake; Burning Aces 25 Shot Cake; The Closer 100 Shot Cake; Clown Shells; Cock Rises Canister Shells; Cock-a-doodle-doo 25 Shot Cake; Crazy Labbits 36 Shot Cake; Dead Heat 100 Shot Cake; Defenders 49 Shot Cake; Don’t Panic Canister Shells; Godzilla Roars 36 Shot Cake; Horror Night Ball Shells; IT Canister Shells; Magical Roman Candle; Monkey Planet 100 Shot Cake; Rising Silver Flowers in Spring 25 Shot Cake; Shrooms 100 Shot Cake; Sky Jam 96 Shot Cake; Spider 25 Shot Cake; Sun Rise Crackers; Thunder King Single Shot Salutes; Tommy Gun Single Shot Salute; Top Notch Fireworks 64 Shot Cake; and Tsunami Alert 100 Shot Cake.

For any questions about returns, call GS Fireworks at 616-304-8800 or email

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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Keystone recalled G-Force Artillery Shell Fireworks. For questions, call Keystone at 717-299-3180 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Eastern time, Monday through Friday, or email

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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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