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‘People don’t throw lemons at people!’ Watch Ariana Grande get pelted at Coachella

Not cool.

A video making the rounds on social media shows that Ariana Grande wasn’t treated too well during her performance Sunday at the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival.

Grande was singing a “Break Your Heart Right Back” mashup when all of a sudden a lemon thrown from the crowd hit her square in the chest and then bounced off.

The part-time local pop singer - she has a home in Boca Raton - doesn’t miss a beat and skips around in in mega high heels, laughing.

Twitter users sounded off.

“This ain’t no One Direction concert. People don’t throw lemons at people! Y’all are [bleeping] weird!”

“That was in sour taste.”


So why would someone in the audience do that?

Some commenters seem to believe the lemon incident stemmed from a recent Variety article that said Grande was paid $8 million for her Coachella set and that Bey was paid roughly half that last year.

“The beyhive did it,” opined a Twitter user, referring to the “Lemonade” singer’s fan base.

But it turns out that was just a rumor. The two performers made the same amount, but that their contracts were structured differently, The Blast reports.