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Wichita church says a member embezzled more than $100,000

Officials with a Wichita church announced Sunday that a church member had confessed to embezzling more than $100,000 over the past several years.

"The individual was a highly respected member of the church leadership and has admitted to being solely responsible for the missing funds," Unity of Wichita board president Joe Dunlavy said Sunday in a news release.

The church did not identify the suspected embezzler.

Senior pastor the Rev. Daybree Thoms said it was "with great sadness that we had to notify our congregation today ... we have reported the loss to authorities and will allow the justice system to follow through with appropriate action."

Thoms said that she had recently requested a routine audit. It prompted the church bookkeeper to submit a written confession, Thoms said.

"It's my hope — and the hope of everyone at Unity of Wichita — that our experience will serve as a reminder to all churches: that though we trust in God, when it comes to finances, audits are still necessary," Thoms said.