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Olathe East’s Tyler Kalinoski comes back to Midwest

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Second half

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Kalinoski (kind of) comes home

It was a homecoming of sorts Tuesday for Davidson junior Tyler Kalinoski, an Olathe East graduate, who enjoyed his brief foray back to the Midwest despite the loss.

“I had a lot of family and friends here,” said Kalinoski, who scored 16 points with six rebounds, six assists and two steals. “It felt good to fly back into the Kansas City airport and play in this arena. I played here in a team camp, so it definitely felt like a homecoming game for me.”

Kalinoski had seven points with five assists and three rebounds in the first half. He then hit bookend three-pointers during a 13-4 run by Davidson to open the second half.

“It’s nice to put up stats, but I’d rather have a really bad game if it means our team wins and gets to keep playing,” Kalinoski said.