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Excerpts from Jacole Prince’s letter

About her plea hearing Jan. 7 before Judge John Torrence. Prince was represented by public defender Curtis Winegarner:

“When Judge Torence start asking questions one he asked was, do I except this plea? I said, no that first time and that was my real answer.

“I did not want to except that plea.

“When I said, no Mr. Curt had looked at the Judge and then at me with an attitude look.

“It was like he was in ambush waiting to attack.

“Judge Torence then asked Mr. Curt did he need to speak with me (his client). …

“During the 15 min break Mr. Curt was very upset.

“He was very irritated and frustrate, it was all in his voice

“telling me that I need to except this plea. …

“I just told him I was going to except the plea.”

“They reported on the news on January 7th 2014 that I admitted to the crime which I did not.

“They did that because they know they didn’t have any evidence.

“They thought I was slow or something.

“They wanted me to take that deal so it would look like I had admitted to the crime.

“They are not right.

“Since Ive been in jail Ive explained to Mr. Curt what my child had done and how come they or somebody can’t or has not asked my child what did she do that caused her sickness.

“No one has asked her yet but they can ask my child what have I done to her.

“No, I was not punching on my child.

“No, I did not starve my child.

“I didn’t intensionally do anything.

“Yes, I have seeked help but no one would help.

“They said that she was just fine. …

“No, the closet was not where I allowed my child to urinate or defecate in.

“The bathroom was the only option.

“No, the closet was not my child’s sleeping area or housed area.”

About LP’s condition:

“LP could barely eat or drink anything or she would have through it right back up.

“When the social workers and the parent aid was coming to talk to me in 2012 they told me that doctors reported that LP’s stomach had shrank.

“That’s why she couldn’t hold anything down.

“All I could feed LP was a little at a time.

“She was just starting to eat more just before they came in and got her on June 22nd 2012.

“LP could still walk, talk, run, she could still climb on things and move around and she still had a lot of strength. If she could move a hide-a-bed couch then she had strength.

“When the social workers was coming to talk to me here in jail of 2012 they told me since LP had been admitted into the hospital she could barely do anything.

“There was no way that my child was that weak.

“I always kept my children active, motivated and physically fit.”

About her daughters:

“I love my girls and miss them everyday.

“Not a moment that goes by that I don’t think about them and all the good times we had.

“I wish I could hug and kiss them. See them, write and talk to them and tell them I love them. I will be there to get them in a minute.

“I never meant for any of this to happen.

“I was alone and struggling trying to keep myself, my children and everything else together but I felt like I couldn’t anymore.

“I was giving up.

“I didn’t know what else to do.

“My girls were all I had and I lived for them every day.

“They kept me going.

“I was over protective about my children.

“I didn’t like for no one to talk about my kids in a negative way.

“I felt like no one could take care of my children better then me, not even the doctors cause they will even mess you up.

“One thing leds to another then another.

“… Sometimes I wish that people that knows me would step up for me and let the community know what type of person they seen me as.

“And not letting me look like a monster, ‘so they call it!’

“… I’ve got to get out and get my girls back in Jesus name Amen!”

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