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Super Bowl Sunday: Cats vs. dogs vs. fish

When most eyeballs in the country will be fixed on one channel Sunday, what’s a TV rival to do?

Counter-program! With adorable animals!

This will mark the 10th year for Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl,” but this season the pups don’t have the gridiron to themselves. Hallmark Channel, a corporate offspring of Kansas City’s Hallmark Cards, is rolling out the inaugural “Kitten Bowl.” (And if it’s rolling, the kitties are probably chasing.) Meanwhile, Nat Geo Wild will introduce its “Fish Bowl.”

The big game, of course, is the Super Bowl (5:30 p.m. on Fox), but if the action between the Seahawks and the Broncos leaves you yawning, it’s good to know the cavorting four-legged athletes — and one feisty fish — are just a click away.

By the way, the animal bowls will air for hours on end, so don’t worry about missing them.


2 p.m. Sunday, Animal Planet

Pouncing pups! Penguin cheerleaders! Sideline reporter Meep the Bird! And, at halftime, a parachuting kitten and a keyboard-playing cat. Take that, Kitten Bowl!


11 a.m. Sunday, Hallmark Channel

Jumping, tumbling kittens (71 of them!) play with mini-footballs, toy mice, balls of string and probably their own tails. Guest (human) celebs, too.


5 p.m. Sunday, Nat Geo Wild

You’ve heard of single-camera dramas? This one stars a goldfish (named Goldie, natch) in a bowl. Plus cats, kids and more.