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Lawsuit accuses former Chiefs coach Todd Haley of trashing Pittsburgh rental home

As if Todd Haley doesn’t have enough to worry about with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ anemic offense, now he has a lawuit facing him.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Tuesday that Haley, the Steelers’ offensive coordinator and former Chiefs coach, and his wife, Christine, are being sued by a Pittsburgh-area homebuilder, Williamson and Jefferson Inc. The builder alleges that the Haleys trashed a rental house in Upper St. Clair, Pa., after they already had backed out of a deal to buy it.

Williamson and Jefferson Inc. says in the suit that the Haleys left the house in “disarray and unmarketable for sale,” after it expelled them in August. Among the missing items were plants, toilets, bathtubs, water heaters, appliances, kitchen counter top, light fixtures, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures and a built-in outdoor gas grill.

The builder says it rented the home to the Haleys for $6,000 a month as they tried to sell their home in Mission Hills after the Chiefs fired him. Then the Haleys asked for an extension on the rental agreement, saying legal issues were preventing them from selling their home.

Williamson and Jefferson Inc. said no. That, the builder said, is when the Haleys trashed the house.

James McLean, the Haleys' attorney, said: “The items removed from the house were all appliances and improvements the Haleys had paid for and installed when the work was not done by the builder, and the removal was done by professional contractors. The builder has also refused to return a $62,000 deposit owed to the Haleys.

“The Haleys dispute the claims alleged by Williamson and Jefferson Inc. as baseless, will vigorously defend themselves against the claims in the lawsuit and have asserted claims of their own against Williamson and Jefferson.”