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NFL’s silly bag rule punishes women, won’t reduce terrorism

The National Football League’s new ban on large purses, backpacks and bags in general has fans riled up, especially women.

The Kansas City area is no exception, as this Star story indicates.

The rule is yet another inept attempt to make it appear the NFL is cracking down on the possibility that terrorists could invade the league’s stadiums. But the ban will do little to stop someone who’s intent on sneaking some kind of device into a stadium to do real harm.

However, it will inconvenience tens of thousands of people going to the Kansas City Chiefs’ preseason home opener tonight at Arrowhead Stadium.

Women are pointing out that they carry a lot of personal stuff in their purses. The NFL now will require that most of it be carried out in the open, in clear plastic bag.

The NFL isn’t this blunt, but I’ll be: It wants women to stop carrying so much stuff into the stadium. That includes (of course) food or drink once hidden away in their purses. Now you’ll have to buy them from the Chiefs’ concession stands.

Here’s one other byproduct of the new NFL ban:

A lot more women will be leaving their purses in their vehicles in the Arrowhead parking lots. That’s going to make it even more tempting for criminals to roam the lots, break in and steal things.