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Frenchy Quarter at Kauffman Stadium replaced with GordoNation

The Royals have replaced the Frenchy Quarter — a promotion for Thursday games featuring former right fielder Jeff Francoeur — with GordoNation, a promotion featuring All-Star left fielder Alex Gordon on Wednesday nights in August and September.

For the five Wednesday games during the last two months of the season, fans can purchase a $30 ticket that includes a special edition GordoNation T-shirt; discounted tickets in lower level Field Box/Field Plaza (Sections 107-108 and 206-208) and be part of Gordon's special cheering section.

“It’s exciting to run out there and hear GordoNation,” said Gordon, who was unaware of the promotion when asked about it. “I try to concentrate as much as I can on the game, but I hear everything they say, and all the support they give me. So every once in a while I throw a ball or give them a wave.”

Gordon was still savoring his experience with teammates Greg Holland and Salvador Perez in the American League’s 3-0 victory in last Tuesday night’s All-Star Game. All three participated in the game, with Gordon flying out deep to center in his only at bat. He also made a nice catch on a line drive to left with Mariano Rivera pitching the eighth in his final All-Star appearance.

“Warning track power … that’s why I’m a leadoff hitter,” Gordon joked. “All singles for me. But it was fun, a good experience.”

Gordon who was shaken up and suffered a deep bruise to his buttocks after crashing into the left-field wall on July 3 against Cleveland, said he’s “not completely healed. It feels a lot better than it was during the All-Star break. Even though I was in the All-Star game, I had a lot of time to rest it. (It hurts) mostly when I sit down or lay down. When I’m playing, it really doesn’t affect me too much.”