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How the Royals and Tigers scored

How they scored

• TIGERS SECOND: Fielder led off and homered to right. With one out, Dirks infield single. Peralta grounded into fielder’s choice, Dirks out. Avila doubled to center, Peralta scored. Tigers 2, Royals 0.

• ROYALS FOURTH: Gordon led off and homered to left. Tigers 2, Royals 1.

• TIGERS FIFTH: With one out, Avila walked. Infante singled to right, Avila to second. Jackson doubled to right, Avila scored, Infante to third. On Francoeur’s error, Infante scored. Tigers 4, Royals 1.

• TIGERS SIXTH: Cabrera led off and singled to left. With one out, Young singled to right, Cabrera to third. Dirks hit a sacrifice fly to center, Cabrera scored. Tigers 5, Royals 1.

• ROYALS EIGHTH: Escobar led off and doubled to left. Gordon flied out to center, Escobar to third. Butler singled to center, Escobar scored. Tigers 5, Royals 2.

• TIGERS EIGHTH: With one out, Fielder singled to center. Young singled to center, Fielder to second. Adcock pitching. Dirks singled to center, Fielder scored, Young to second. Tigers 6, Royals 2.