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Open Meetings complaint would involve husband, Kingman County attorney, possible fine

Amy Lux left last week’s meeting of the Kingman-Norwich school board thinking that the state’s Open Meetings Law had been violated.

She said she suspects the board overstepped its bounds by going into executive session to discuss her proposal to ban registered sex offenders from school property.

After researching the Open Meetings Law, she said, it became clear what she had to do: File a complaint with the Kingman County Attorney’s Office.

Only one problem: Kingman County Attorney Matt Ricke is on the school board and was in the executive session.

Lux said the Open Meetings Law also says a complaint can be filed with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, so she started looking into that possibility. This time she got hung up on a part of the law that mentions a fine “not to exceed $500 for each violation.”

Lux said her husband, David Lux, is also on the school board and was in the executive session.

“It’s kind of an interesting dilemma,” she said. “Do I go ahead and file a complaint knowing that I might end up paying a $500 fine?”

She said making her husband pay the fine wasn’t an option.

“We’ve got one of those households where all the money goes into the same budget,” she said.

Lux said she’s still thinking about filing a complaint. She said her husband has refused to say what happened in the executive session.

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